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We let you choose whatever products you'd like up to six (on your first store) you can have two different designs. Or if it's a decoration method that doesn't require minimums like embroidery or some heat transfers you can do more.


We get you our cost for the products you choose, then you can decide whatever amount above our price you want to mark it up for the fundraiser. We create your store for free! While the store is being run, you can track the sales coming in.


Typically, we run the stores for 1-2 weeks and take orders, then we close the store to print the orders. We can normally have the orders ready 3-5 days after the store closes.


We charge a 8% processing fee to each order which covers the cost of the store, credit card charges, and the cost of packaging each order individually.


We can offer shipping at a cost, or we can also offer a free local pick up with details on how they would pick it up from you.

Contact us today to get your store going!

Click the link to see a sample of what we can do.

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